Illustration: Radiance 2012

It’s been a crazy year, and we’ve wrapped up so many projects. So there’s a lot to come in 2012, we
are staying busy. Here’s a new Illustration, which I personally love, as it is not based around any
particular person, it’s more a creation of my mind, my perception of beauty, radiance, understanding
of female attraction and the idea of what makes a woman interesting.

I’ve always believed that, aside from physical features that hit the obvious eye, it is important for a woman
to have a glow to her. That glow, that gives her that special something that makes guys say, woah, and women wish they
were her. I’ve always wanted to identify that glow, and pinpoint it..and just see what it does.
Maybe I am just rambling! Not really a blogger here. 🙂 But check her out.
We are definitely offering custom illustrations in a variety of individual styles.

Realistic to cartoon, line art to full blown digital paintings. Let us know!


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