Custom Vector Illustrations & Logo Design | Custom Vector Illustrations & LogoThis is a pretty cool project as it combined our love for Logo Design with our passion for Illustration and Urban culture. Our client Erin hit us up asking for a custom Logo Design for her brand new blog “I Need a Black Hair Stylist” at

Her concept is pretty awesome as it allows different types of women to come together, share opinions on their hair styling expieriences and guide each other to different products/hair stylists in different areas. Erin, like us, resides in Los Angeles, and is super engaged in her urban community and we’re excited to share this project with you, as her site has been launched for quite a while now.

We had started off with the design of the actual Logo and Icon for the “” website. We went over a couple of deas and ended up sticking with the afro girl / afro pick which is representative of cultural variety and beauty of ethnic hair. The icon is sleek and abstract in black, while displaying female beauty in its features.  The logo itself is simple, as it has to represent the blog and Erin wanted us to keep it that | Custom Vector Illustrations - Women Urban Style for

The second part of the project was exciting, as we got the chance to design some custom illustrations from the very scratch, identifying different hair styles as well as embodying different types of women, with different characteristics, physical and facial features, fashion styles and so forth.

Our inspiration came directly from our favorite sources – music …you may probably discover some resemblances to Beyonce, Erykah Badu, Rihanna and other girls we love in these.  The custom illustrations were based off sketches we provided to Erin for approval, and later on recreated digitally. All done in illustrator and some photoshop retouch and effect work later. You can see the whole look in this post.

We hope you like these! if you are looking for a custom digital vector illustration / portrait or drawing, hit us up! We have the skills to do it. Contact us! | Sketch Illustrations for Erin


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